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When it comes to solving a problem, you want to work with a team that brings wide-ranging experience to the table. Rhombium Software, Inc specializes in creating products that enable our clients to get down to business instead of starting from scratch − increasing ROI and reducing project risks.

Rhombium Software has products, tool kits, and pre-configured approaches to deal with common industry issues. In many cases, there is more than one way to accomplish a goal and your project team can spend significant time just evaluating the pros and cons of each approach. With Rhombium Software, you get the benefit of our entire research institute's analysis and optimal design approach for each specific problem packaged with expertise gained through the implementation, placement, and management of the product for many others.

Our products stand apart from the competition. At Rhombium Software, we utilize reconfigurable architecture models that allow you to make changes to the software as business needs arise, creating personalized solutions for your end-users.

Our Latest Product:

Why us ?

 There are many online ticketing platforms exist today but they are either not well integrated or is too costly for mid and small size events.

 Until now, it hasn’t been easy to harness their collective power. The 4EventTickets Platform brings unprecedented integration to the existing services that event centers/venues already have. Our cloud platform powers a broad range of services including delivering event ticketing services. 

 Based on a flexible micro-services architecture, our platform is designed for security, scalability, and integration..

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